IdleX provides excellent functionality while maintaining a simple graphical interface. Here's a list of new features:

Shell Enhancements

  • Terminal-like behavior for Shell. Cursor stays in prompt and up/down arrow keys cycle the command history.
  • Persistent history of Shell commands across sessions.
  • Paste and run multiple lines in the shell.
  • Non-blocking interactive GUI development for Tkinter, GTK, Qt, Qt4, PySide, wxPython
  • Matplotlib support for interactive figures when using the subprocess.
  • Clear Shell Window without restarting.
  • Capture large output and display it as an expandable button.

Editor Enhancements

  • Right-click context menu with Cut, Copy, and Paste.
  • Tabbed editor windows with drag'n'drop reordering.
  • Improved code navigation with Code Browser.
  • Line numbers for the editor.
  • Find and Replace as a toolbar with incremental searching.
  • Intelligent Paste from Shell. (remove >>> prompts)
  • Highlight tabs (\t) in editor to help fix tab/space issues.
  • Integrated reindent.py support.
  • Horizontal scroll bar for the editor.
  • Export contents with syntax highlighting to HTML.
  • Cython editing and execution support.

Interactive Execution from Editor

  • Execute highlighted code or a single line from the editor with F9.
  • SubCodes, similar to MATLAB cell mode and IPython/Sagemath cells, for quick code prototyping without restarting the shell.
  • Run parts of a script separated by "##" markers in the editor with Ctrl+Return.
  • Stop a running script with Ctrl+C from the Editor.


  • Documentation Viewer to view help() and doc strings in a separate window.
  • Simple interface for enabling/disabling extensions.
  • Increase/Decrease font size easily.

Copyright (C) 2011-2012 The Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois